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    ACA: Providing Benefit Dollars

    Per the ACA, can an employer get a tax break for providing a benefit dollar to employees with an individual health plan? Not if you're a large...

    3 Real Benefits of Paperless Onboarding

    Paperless onboarding creates a positive first impression, which is critical for your recruiting and retention efforts in a tech-savvy world.

    Top 5 Ways Applicant Tracking Saves You Money

    If you're still riding in last century with paper resumes because applicant tracking systems are unaffordable, I've got news for you.

    Tech Center for Employees

    Tech Center: with visual breakdowns of paystubs and the ability to update personal information or change direct deposit account information...

    Quiz: Knowing when to outsource

    Do you spend more hours in a day responding to employee questions and concerns than you do building your business? You may want to outsource...

    Wrestling with the ACA

    HR Managers across the nation are frustrated with the ACA. Here are the major complaints and what businesses are doing about them...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources