Launches New Website with '.hr' Domain for Business Clarity (formerly ISIhr) has launched a new website that mirrors the new company name: With no “.com” or “.net” in its domain,




South Jordan, Utah, November 18, 2015 –, a Utah-based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) formerly known as ISIhr, has launched a new website that mirrors the new company name:  With no “.com” or “.net” in its domain, could potentially start a new wave of business names.

“We’ve been considering a name change for some time and chose ‘’ because it more closely aligns with who we are and where we’re going with our growth strategy,” explains company president Michelyn Farnsworth. “ is a nod to the cloud-based HR tools we offer, and it helps tell our story beautifully. As companies face increasingly complex compliance mandates, the sky’s the limit for us in terms of potential. And it’s very cool that the name of our company will also be our URL.  Our business is HR, so why not rebrand with a domain of what we do?” Ms. Farnsworth adds.

With a vision of providing clarity to those surfing the web, Farnsworth sees this as the beginning of domain names that explain the business industry.  “When you see ‘.edu’ you understand it’s education-related; but there’s nothing about ‘.com’ that clarifies what the business does.  Many organizations have to be creative with their company names because of name duplication; now they can differentiate and clarify by simply adding their specific industry in the domain name, just like we’ve done with"

With the launch of a new website, boasts of providing clients with web-based tools that bring human resources and payroll management tools together through their new Tech Center.  “We offer a top notch level of service and real-time U.S.-based customer support. We are real people, helping real companies and their employees leverage the latest cloud-based technology,” Ms. Farnsworth notes. “That leaves our customers free to do what they do best: grow their businesses.”

About the Company is a PEO that provides customized human resource services to small- to medium-size companies. handles tasks such as payroll processing, employee benefit administration, risk management, workers’ compensation, and other human resource activities, allowing business owners to focus on their core business. Founded in 1999 by Michelyn and John Farnsworth, has experienced steady growth since its inception and has been consistently recognized for its growth and success as Utah’s premier PEO. For more information, visit

Kristen Neilson, Communications Manager



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