Beyond the software: the human element in HR

When it comes to outsourcing your HR work, don't lose the human touch. Stratus HR has the software to simplify your life, but more importantly, people who will support you as you focus on growth, culture, and retention.

HR software and HR Outsourcing
Jeff Heuple

For the past 10 years we have enjoyed a successful partnership with Stratus HR. Over this time we grew from a wireless retail business with 35 locations, 170 employees and $20M annual revenue to 140 locations, 1,200+ employees, and $100M in revenue. Stratus HR’s expertise in areas of HR, benefits, payroll, taxes, legal matters and training have been an integral part of our business operations.”

Jeff Heuple
CFO | Co-Owner

Benefits of outsourcing your HR with Stratus

Put your employees first and scale with Stratus. We are ready to take on your HR tasks and support you in your role. As our partner, you’ll:

  • Experience more time in your day to focus on work that makes a long-term impact such as employee morale
  • Get answers to HR questions when you need them
  • Stay compliant with changing labor laws
  • Focus on hiring and retention with our modern recruiting tools
  • Gain big business benefits at an affordable price with our economies-of-scale buying power
Benefits of Outsourcing HR
Outsourcing HR to a PEO

We’re in this together

You won’t have to go about managing human resources alone. Stratus provides you with a team of seasoned HR experts to support your existing staff and manage your employer liabilities. And by working with us, you’ll get a host of big-business benefits for your small business, including access to Fortune 500 benefits using our buying power.

Get the technology and the human touch

With a Stratus partnership, you get more than just a fully-integrated Human Resource Information & Management System with 24/7 access. Most importantly, you get the human element that is key to human resources. Our dedicated consultants will track down answers for you and provide best practices to help you transform your workplace culture and reduce turnover.

HR Software and HR Outsourcing
People utilizing HR Tools

With support, HR doesn’t have to be complex

Get the benefits of a seasoned HR team without worrying about hiring or training them. Our HR experts will help you navigate everything from hiring, growth, and changing labor laws. You won’t have to worry about breaking compliance or getting fined. Instead, focus on simplifying your HR processes and set the stage for high retention and strong morale.

Client Retention


Client Retention

Certified Staff

Certified Staff:


Workplace Awards


Workplace Awards

Decrease Turnover

Average of 15%

Decrease in Turnover Rates