Take care of payroll on your terms 

Pay your employees on time with a flexible, accurate, and compliant payroll system built to help cut down on stress.


Avoid payment penalties with 100% accuracy

Write one check and let Stratus HR take care of the details. Stratus assumes liability and responsibility for all payroll taxes, reporting, and audits. Cut your long payroll to-do list in half and simply review and approve employee payment reports. We'll take care of the rest!

Here’s how your life will be easier

  • Payroll experts, ready to help

  • Flexible options

  • Real-time data, 24/7

  • Guaranteed accuracy and compliance

Payroll experts, ready to help

With Stratus, submitting payroll has never been easier! But sometimes you realize after the fact that an employee missed a time punch, or you need to quickly process a termination check, or an audit requires a customized report. You’re not expected to spend hours trying to figure things out on your own; your certified Stratus HR team is there to support and help you with all your payroll needs.

Flexible options

Configure the payroll software to work with third-party time tracking systems and offer your employees a transparent view of everything from time off requests to punching in or out. You’ll get an accurate view of employee activity in real-time to keep track of changes and updates. Additionally, you can edit time punches, pull previous schedules, assign shifts, and validate employee time to always have visibility and better manage the payroll process.

Real-time data, 24/7

Pull payroll reports to review employee time cards before sending them to Stratus for payment. Go beyond the typical numbers with customizable reports to see more meaningful data specific to your company’s needs. If you don’t have time to dig through the numbers, you can view payroll expenses at-a-glance on the dashboard for a visual representation of your company’s metrics without running a report.

Guaranteed accuracy and compliance

Keep everything precise by using the payroll system for importing and exporting timekeeping, job costing, PTO accrual plans, benefit and tax deductions, bonuses, commissions, reimbursements, audits, and more. Plus, maintain payroll compliance by keeping all historical records, paying employees and sending taxes on time, and getting quarterly independent CPA reviews for fiduciary payments.

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