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Refer companies you think would benefit from working with Stratus HR and get paid for your contribution

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How much can I earn with Stratus HR's referral incentive program?

For each referred company, you earn $60 per employee, up to $6000! (If the company you refer has 25 employees, you earn $1500!) There’s no limit to the number of companies you can refer, so your earning potential is endless!

Why is the Stratus HR referral incentive program so generous?

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, we have allocated that money to a generous referral incentive to encourage you to refer based on your experience!

What type of information do you need for my referral?

You’ll need to submit your referral’s name, company name, and contact information such as an email address or phone number. If you’re submitting online, you’ll also need to enter your own personal contact info so we can give you credit for the referral! (Referrals submitted via Stratus HR Mobile will automatically designate you as the referrer.)

Where do I submit referrals?

Referrals can be submitted online or via our free mobile app, Stratus HR Mobile.

When do I get my referral check?

After your referred company decides to partner with Stratus HR, you will receive your referral check of $60/employee after 90 days of service.

Do I have to be a client or employee to be eligible for the referral incentive?

No! While our clients and employees have firsthand knowledge of our services, our referral incentive is available to anyone, regardless of their affiliation with Stratus HR.

What kind of relationship do I have to have with a company in order to refer them?

We prefer you have a close enough association with a decision maker (or an influencer to the decision maker) so that we can reference you in the call. However, the business doesn’t have to be any specific industry or size; it could be a business owned or operated by a relative, neighbor or friend, or even a business where your relative, neighbor or friend works!

What do I do after I submit my referral?

Although our business development team may request your help with the initial contact (depending on the referral), you likely won’t have to do anything after submitting their information! Our team will do all the work and will keep you posted along the way!

Who do I contact with questions about the referral incentive?

Please contact our business development team at sales@stratus.hr and they’ll be happy to answer your questions!