Prevent workplace issues before they happen

Access all the necessary tools to help assess and mitigate workplace-related risks.

Risk Management
Risk Management at the workplace

Risk management from day one

Prevent and manage work-related issues with tools developed by HR professionals.

Promote a safe working environment with proven best practices and support from Stratus HR. Access competitively priced workers’ comp coverage and get real help with managing workers’ comp claims to keep your experience modifier (e-mod) low. We’ll also help with any sensitive workplace issues.

Here’s how your life will be easier

  • Competitively priced workers’ compensation

  • Improve workplace safety

  • Investigation assistance

  • Stay compliant

Competitively priced workers’ compensation

Get workers' compensation at a competitive price. You won't experience up-front deposits or year-end premium audits with our pay-as-you-go premiums. Plus, in the event of an accident, you'll get help from your dedicated Stratus HR expert. You’ll also get help obtaining and administering your workers’ comp policy, issuing certifications, verifying class codes, responding to audits, managing claims, drug testing, and creating return-to-work programs.

Improve workplace safety

Work with your Stratus HR consultant to develop an employee safety program that minimizes risks, prevents costly accidents, and maintains compliance with OSHA standards. With Stratus support, you can also minimize significant health and safety issues by working on an anti-drug abuse program, including help with implementing and maintaining drug testing.

Investigation assistance

Get advice and assistance for sensitive workplace situations from certified HR experts. We will help you with an objective third-party investigation for workplace accidents, claims of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, and other employee or employer wrong-doings.

Stay compliant

Whether labor laws change in your state or you are subject to new ones because of growth, don’t sweat breaking compliance. The Stratus team works in the background to keep tabs on laws. And if something changes, we’ll make the necessary updates and let you know so that you stay compliant. That way, you avoid fines and are always in the loop without wasting precious time.

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