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    CEO Responses to Coronavirus - how do you relate?

    In midst of the Coronavirus, there seem to be three different kind of CEOs: the fear-focused, the unfocused, and the strategy-focused. Which one are...

    401K Volatility in a Pandemic: What to Do?

    While many investors watch their 401k funds drop during a pandemic, there's no reason to panic! The market has recovered time and time again.

    A PEO in Perpetual Growth Mode

    In this edition of PEO Insider, John Farnsworth (CEO) is interviewed about Stratus.hr's early history and the day-to-day culture of working for...

    Privacy - MY HECK!!

    In a world where practically everything is searchable online, should employees have a lower expectation of privacy for their personal and behavioral...

    Why We’re Now Stratus.hr

    ISIhr is now Stratus.hr, a name that reflects the new facts of the way we work, our new website of just “stratus.hr” to our cloud-based HR...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources