Employee Lifecycle

Tech Center


HR and payroll management tools come together in the Stratus.hr Tech Center, a central location with only one login where employers can:

  • Recruit new talent through the Applicant Tracking System and save hours of sifting through paper resumes
  • Enter new hires through Paperless Onboarding and allow employees to complete all required paperwork online
  • Use the Employer Dashboards to get a visual representation of payroll data, including gross wages, benefits costs, taxes, and invoices
  • With Employee Management, submit employee changes such as pay rates, job titles and employment status in real time.

Employees can also access Tech Center to:

  • View, enroll, and compare benefit plans
  • See visual breakdowns of pay stubs
  • Update personal info (email, phone, address, emergency contact)
  • Add or change direct deposit account information
  • Update W-4 tax withholdings
  • View how much PTO is available for use and request time off
  • View and download paystubs and W-2s