3 Real Benefits of Paperless Onboarding

Paperless onboarding creates a positive first impression, which is critical for your recruiting and retention efforts in a tech-savvy world.



First impressions are critical in any company’s recruiting and retention efforts. Today’s technology-savvy workforce expects things to be done right, right from the start. That’s one of the major reasons why your company should move to a paperless onboarding system.

A good first impression makes your job as a hiring manager easier, but the benefits of paperless onboarding go way beyond that first impression.

“More and more of my time was being spent on HR paperwork, and less and less of it on the core of my business,” says Jeff, CEO of an assisted living center. That time drain was a major reason why he knew he needed to move his company to a paperless onboarding process.

We worked with Jeff to create a paperless new hire and onboarding system with some key benefits:

1. Simplified Background Checks

Due diligence in your hiring process has never been easier. With a paperless screening system, the candidate authorizes a background check by using a simple online form. From there, you start the ball rolling with one click, and results will all be within easy reach.

2. Faster, More Efficient Data Handling

Most new hires are anxious to meet the team and get down to business. They don’t want to fill out endless piles of paper, often repeating the same information over and over.  With HR paperwork handled in the cloud, your new hires can complete the info on their own time. This allows their first days in the office to be spent doing what you hired them to do.

3. Fully Compliant HR Data

There are so many details to track when a new hire joins your team. A good paperless onboarding system provides alerts and reminders to both the new hire and the hiring manager to make sure all the important pieces are getting checked off the list. With advances in electronic signatures and highly secure cloud-based data storage, your employee information will be in full compliance and securely stored.

“Stratus HR helped me create a streamlined, electronic hiring process that allows my employees to complete all necessary paperwork remotely and on their own time. The days of sitting down with an employee and going over mounds of hiring paperwork are over.”

To learn how to make your life easier with paperless onboarding, please contact your certified HR expert. Not a current Stratus HR client? Book a free consultation and our team will contact you shortly.

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