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    ACA Paperwork Costing Small Businesses Thousands

    Per the ACA requirements, employers need to be able to track workers’ hours, the number of months an employee is covered by insurance, and the cost...

    The Ups and Downs of 15 Years in Business

    We go one-on-one with co-owner, John Farnsworth, to learn about how Stratus HR (formerly known as, Innovative Staffing, or ISIhr) first...

    ACA: Three Facts Employers Should Know for 2015

    What should employers know about healthcare reform for 2015? With so many complicating factors, many employers are looking for a simple answer...

    The Economic Impact of Obamacare

    When the media caught wind of the CBO's report findings, headlines spawned declaring Obamacare to be a job killer. But what is actually in the report?

    Health Reform: Not Just a Math Problem

    If you're viewing health reform strictly as a math problem, you may be overlooking serious workplace issues. Why not outsource ACA compliance to...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources