Announces New HRIS/HRMS Software Release, SplashTrack

Discover SplashTrack,'s new HRIS/HRMS software. Cloud-based HR tools for recruitment, management, and employee engagement.



Sandy, Utah, December 3, 2018 –, the premiere PEO for human resources outsourcing in the Intermountain West, has just developed and released SplashTrack, a custom-built, fully-integrated human resources management and information system that offers up a number of cloud-based HR tools. “This system came from years of gathering client feedback and talking with thousands of business owners,” said John Farnsworth, CEO. “It has culminated into an impressive suite of HR tools and functionality that will provide insight to your company like never before!”

SplashTrack helps businesses recruit, onboard, manage, track, and engage their employees in a user-friendly interface. Users can then run statistics about employees from their payroll and benefits data to provide meaningful metrics. “Most business owners want to see numbers to make decisions, but HR gets a bad rap for not being able to kick out numbers,” Farnsworth said. “SplashTrack changes everything, especially for small businesses that can’t afford the expensive systems that large companies use to crank out their data.”

SplashTrack allows businesses of all sizes to provide advanced HR technology, making them cutting edge to a technology-driven workforce. Each HR tool fully integrates with’s comprehensive HR technology suite, which includes Applicant Tracking, Paperless Onboarding, Benefits Enrollment, Org Chart, Culture Board, Training and Certificates, Goals and Scorecards, and Mobile. User settings are customizable for various access rights, and employees are empowered to access and update their personal info. “We’re passionate about providing the right tools to help our client companies thrive,” said Farnsworth, “and there’s lots more in the pipeline.”

About is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that employs certified experts for outsourced payroll, HR consulting, employee benefits, workers’ comp, risk management, and cloud-based employee data management. offers an alternative to hiring a full-time HR department at a lower cost and was recently named #1 by Salt Lake City Weekly for “Best Business Consultants.” To learn more, please visit

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