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Access your employment information anytime, anywhere, with the Stratus HR app! This free app allows employees to answer their own questions 24/7, saving you and your staff valuable time. With the Stratus app, employees can:

View their pay info
  • Paycheck details (hours, earnings, taxes, deductions)
  • Year-to-date pay amounts
  • PTO balances 

Adjust personal information

  • Update home address
  • Change W-4 withholdings
  • Add, delete, or amend direct deposit accounts

Access benefits information

  • Benefits summary
  • 401(K) account balance
  • Flexible Spending Account balance

Review employer information

  • Employee handbook
  • Employer notices
  • Work-related documents
And more!
  • Send financial package to lender when applying for a loan
  • Report an injury in the event of a work-related accident
  • Refer a business to Stratus HR and become eligible for our referral incentive program

Download for FREE from the App Store and Google Play.

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Any changes made within Stratus HR's app are fully integrated with our HR technology suite.