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Streamline your hiring process to find better candidates in less time.

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Complete digital forms (I-9, W-4, paperwork) before the first day of work.

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Securely view and enroll online in your benefit plan options from anywhere.


Manage your employee and payroll data in our one-stop-shop platform. Mobile

Access personal data on-the-go such as pay, benefits, PTO, and more!

Marketplace Insurance

Shop and compare dozens of health plans, even if you’re not a client.

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Zoom Meeting Center

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Our partnership with allows us to focus on growing our business instead of spending time administering the HR process.

Traci S., Utah-based healthcare software company with 42 employees

It’s a big advantage to our employees to be able to have ‘big business’ benefits -- life insurance, disability, credit monitoring and many others -- even though we are a small employer.

Nicole M., Utah-based cardiology practice with 25 employees

Partnering with has allowed us to expand. They are a key partner in assisting us to automate HR processes, and they are using greater technology that helps us manage HR.

Michael C., Utah-based legal collections agency, 85 employees