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    Top 5 Ways Applicant Tracking Saves You Money

    If you're still riding in last century with paper resumes because applicant tracking systems are unaffordable, I've got news for you.

    FSA Reminder: Use it or lose it!

    Remember, only $500 of employee flexible spending account (FSA) dollars will roll over to 2016. Remind employees to exhaust any balance beyond $500!

    FSA Open Enrollment: Nov 16-Dec 16 (2016)

    Open enrollment is the only time, barring qualified life events, when eligible, full-time employees can enroll in FSA for the new calendar year.

    How to Negotiate Salary

    Having the “money talk” with job candidates is awkward and uncomfortable and can make or break hiring decisions. Learn how to negotiate salary like a...

    Turnover – what is it costing you?

    Do you know how much turnover costs your organization? Here are 7 categories of costs involved with losing and replacing an employee.

    Tech Center for Employees

    Tech Center: with visual breakdowns of paystubs and the ability to update personal information or change direct deposit account information...

    Case Study: Cardiology Practice, 25 employees, Utah

    Case study: by partnering with, this client now has a team of dedicated HR professional to help them with their legal responsibilities...

    Quiz: Knowing when to outsource

    Do you spend more hours in a day responding to employee questions and concerns than you do building your business? You may want to outsource...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources