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    employee turnover

    Everything You Need to Know About Employee Turnover

    Employee turnover is a major concern for any company, regardless of size. To help you understand and manage employee turnover, we uncover solutions...


    Should Managers Be Paid Overtime?

    Do your managers meet all the qualifications to be exempt from overtime? See where several large corporations went wrong.

    human resources

    5 Steps to Effective Employee Scheduling

    Does employee scheduling feel like an arduous task where nobody wins? Try these tips and watch your morale and productivity improve.

    human resources

    NLRB Rules about Severance Agreement Clauses

    The NLRB recently ruled that severance agreements cannot include broad non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses. See a breakdown of what that...

    risk management

    Is Light Duty for Sickness a Thing?

    Can I offer light duty to an employee who is sick, or is that only for somebody who has been injured at work?

    human resources

    Preventing Harassment at Work

    Most people who feel harassed at work never file a complaint. How are you preventing harassment at your workplace?

    human resources

    What is Strategic HR?

    You may have heard the phrase “strategic HR,” but what exactly does it mean? Here's our answer for non-HR professionals to easily understand.

    employee benefits

    Top 5 Employee Benefits in 2023

    When planning your 2023 HR strategy to provide affordable benefits that meet employees’ needs, keep these trends in mind.

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