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    Handling Suspected Drug or Alcohol Abuse

    When handling a for-suspicion situation, be sure to have a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy in place and remember these five actions...

    ACA Shared Responsibility Payment – What Do I Do?

    I got a letter saying my employee may be eligible for an ACA government subsidy and that I may owe a shared responsibility payment.  What should I do?

    DOL Ends Telecommuting As We Know It

    The recent DOL ruling on overtime exemptions has many employers scratching their heads when they consider their telecommuting practices.

    Steps to Prevent Retaliation at Work

    Retaliation is a form of revenge made manifest through how employees are treated at work. Eliminate workplace retaliation claims with these 6 easy...

    HR Laws of 2015 and What to Expect in 2016

    Here’s a look back at what the major HR law changes of 2015 were and what to expect more of in 2016.

    Promotion Deal-Breakers

    According to a recent survey, here are the top reasons employers may avoid giving a promotion, even if the employee’s performance is off the charts.

    Productivity Killers

    Feeling the sting from lost productivity? Combat workplace productivity killers with these simple solutions.


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources