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    interview questions

    Are You Asking Illegal Questions During an Interview?

    Did you know that making small talk with candidates during a job interview could lead to a discrimination lawsuit? What you learn could hurt you ...

    hiring teens

    Teen Hiring Guidelines

    Teens-at-work breaks down teen hiring guidelines and youth employment laws, including which jobs they can do, how many hours they can work...

    human resources

    Job Abandonment and Employee Termination

    Even if an employee fails to show up for work, it may still not be considered job abandonment, depending on how the company has handled similar...


    Sticky HR: Job Abandonment

    Five steps an employer should always take any time there's a job abandonment case with a no-call, no-show to work.


    New Form I-9

    There's a new version of Form I-9 that employers can begin using immediately, even though it's not mandatory to make the switch until January 22,...


    Employee Handbook Check-Up: What to Review

    Review your employee handbook to verify your policies don't contain language that violates worker rights under the NLRA. Look specifically...

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