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    Contesting (and Winning) an Unemployment Claim

    When you receive notice of a former employee's unemployment claim, always contest it when the employee had quit or was fired. Here's how.


    11 Steps to a Seamless Employee Termination Process

    You've decided that your employee's actions warrant termination - now what? Does your company have a termination process in place?


    Disciplinary Action or Immediate Termination?

    Sticky HR: does my employee's inappropriate behavior warrant disciplinary action or immediate termination? Consider these examples.


    Unauthorized overtime: does a company have to pay?

    If managers must pre-approve overtime but an employee works overtime without permission, does the company have to pay for the unauthorized overtime...

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    Still no social media policy? Where to start

    Many companies are apprehensive to embrace employee use of social media, but what they really need is a well-written social media policy.


    Is a Demotion Ever the Right Choice?

    How do you make a demotion a win-win for both the employer and the employee? You ask yourself these three questions and then suck up your pride.

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