Breaking Through People Problems to Ensure Long-Term Viability

Most companies start off small and develop processes and systems over time, but how do they manage the people problems that inevitably arise?



Have you ever stopped to consider the people problems you may be experiencing and the long-term effects on your company’s sustainability?

Most companies start off small and develop processes and systems over time to fit the skills of the people performing them. But if effective HR policies aren’t in place to establish best practices for hiring, keeping employees engaged, and maintaining compliance, an inexperienced manager may miss a step to capitalize on an employee’s talent or mitigate business risks.

Did you know, for example, that 56% of all discrimination claims filed against employers in 2021 were claims of retaliation? Chances are that, in many of these cases, an inexperienced manager implemented an adverse action on an employee because they were aggravated and didn’t realize this was illegal. Without calculating the amount of time, frustration, and emotional distress spent on defending each case, these employers were subject to lost pay damages, attorney fees, punitive damages, and a deflated company image.

HR Concerns

But employment lawsuits are only a small piece to the HR-related concerns you may face. Other issues you may have asked about might include:

  • How much is employee turnover costing us?
  • What strategies have we implemented to retain key talent?
  • How many different pieced-together HR platforms are we managing individually because they don’t integrate?
  • Do we have a return-to-work program implemented to manage workers’ comp expenses?
  • How much time does our office staff spend answering employee questions that distract them from promoting positive company culture and/or revenue generating activities?
  • How are we keeping employees engaged and avoiding burnout?
  • What other benefits could we offer our employees that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

People Solutions

If your goal is to minimize people problems and ensure the livelihood and sustainability of your business, differentiate yourself from others in the market by outsourcing to

We relieve your all-star office manager from the recurring (and mundane) tasks like payroll, paperwork, and answering employee questions about benefits, payroll, and employee relations so they can be more strategic about the culture you’re creating. And then we provide you with a certified HR expert to be their resource for ideas and guidance. We also enable you to offer better benefits, provide a wider array of employee-related services, and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.

At the end of the day, your company becomes an employer of choice, your office manager becomes the hero, and becomes the support in the background.

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