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    Is Light Duty for Sickness a Thing?

    Can I offer light duty to an employee who is sick, or is that only for somebody who has been injured at work?

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    When Holiday Traditions and Religions Don't Mix

    Planning an office holiday party when not all of your employees celebrate holidays? Avoid religious discrimination with these tips.

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    Job Descriptions: 10 Ways to Attract More Applicants

    Job descriptions are how applicants decide whether your position is right for them. Are your qualifications and skills too stringent?


    ADA Accommodation: 10 Avoidable Mistakes

    If you've ever had an employee request an ADA accommodation, hopefully you didn't respond to them in any of these ways...

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    Federal Law Breakdown: How Many Employees?

    Overwhelmed with trying to know which federal law applies to your company? Here's a quick summary of each law, broken down by company size.

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