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    Manager Training: Identifying Retaliation

    Retaliation is the most common type of alleged discrimination nationally, making it critical for managers to be educated on identifying potential...

    DOL Issues Proposed Notice of Paid Sick Leave

    The DOL has issued a proposed notice for federal contractors to provide employees with up to seven days of paid sick leave annually.

    FSA Reminder: Use it or lose it!

    Remember, only $500 of employee flexible spending account (FSA) dollars will roll over to 2016. Remind employees to exhaust any balance beyond $500!

    Dumb Things Employees Have Done at Work

    Do your coworkers do dumb things? See if they can out-do this list of all-stars that includes searching for a mail order bride or bathing in the sink.

    Recruiting for New Grads and Digital Natives

    Caution to recruiters: here are two real life examples of why you shouldn't reference new grads and digital natives in your job postings.

    Employee Handbook: a Necessary Evil

    Lawsuits are constantly challenging what should and shouldn’t be included in an employee handbook. So what exactly should be included?

    Test Your HSA Proficiency

    Employer disconnect: take this quiz to see what you, the employer, think your employees know about HSAs. The results might surprise you.


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources