Dumb Things Employees Have Done at Work

Do your coworkers do dumb things? See if they can out-do this list of all-stars that includes searching for a mail order bride or bathing in the sink.



In a recent survey, Career Builder asked employers what dumb things they had caught employees doing at work.

Here are 10 of those responses:

  1. Employee was taking a sponge bath in the bathroom sink.
  2. Employee was trying to hypnotize other employees to stop their smoking habits.
  3. Employee was looking for a mail order bride.
  4. Employee was drinking vodka while watching Netflix.
  5. Employee was sabotaging another employee's car tires.
  6. Employee was sleeping on the CEO's couch.
  7. Employee was writing negative posts about the company on social media.
  8. Employee was making a model plane.
  9. Employee was flying drones around the office.
  10. Employee was printing pictures of animals, naming them after employees and hanging them in the work area

Those are almost as good as these four responses from the 2014 survey:

  1. Employee was sleeping, but claimed he was praying
  2. Employee was warming her bare feet under the bathroom hand dryer
  3. Employees were having a wrestling match
  4. Employee was blowing bubbles in sub-zero weather to see if the bubbles would freeze and break

Have any weird things your employees have been caught doing at work? Let us know at pr@isihr.com!photo credits

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