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    Can you still tell a joke at work?

    When one person’s humor can lead to another person’s alienation, should you stay all business and refrain from telling a joke at work?

    When obesity discrimination is legal

    My friend didn't get hired and I think it's because he's obese. Is obesity discrimination (or any form of discrimination based on appearance) even...

    Job Applicants with Misdemeanors: Employer Guidance

    While a criminal background is not a protected class, automatically rejecting a candidate based on a misdemeanor (or felony) may lead to legal...

    Gig Economy: Kicking Employer Concerns

    The gig economy seems to be taking over and you need to stay ahead of the curve. Have you lost employees to working gigs? Can you hire gig workers?

    Minimum Wage Increases - January 1, 2019

    Along with 19 states, various cities and counties will see minimum wage increases in January, 2019. Employers should verify they're in compliance.

    Paying Nonexempt Employees When They Travel

    If an hourly employee is required to travel, there are several what-if questions you need to ask to determine how much of the travel time should be...

    Top 5 New-Age Rules of Paying Employees

    When determining how much to pay, creating policies about pay, or determining what and when to discuss pay in the application process, know these...

    Am I liable for accidents on employees’ paid breaks?

    Without these 3 preventive steps, an employer may be liable for any accidents that occur to employees who leave company premises on a paid break.


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources