Is your recruiting working? The questions you need to ask to help ensure your new hire is a perfect fit.

6 Ways to Ensure You’re Getting the Right Employees for Your Business

Recruiting new employees can be a daunting task for small businesses. It can take weeks before you know who your top candidates are, opening a huge gap for the competition to get to potential talent before you even contact your top prospects for an interview. Here are six easy ways to get on top of your recruiting process today.

1. When interviewing job candidates, promote your brand, sell your company

As much as your employees despise wearing the sales hat, they are your best asset to pitching why your company is a great place to work. Solicit positive feedback from employees about why they love their jobs and post their testimonials on your website, as well as social networks. Create the image you want of your company before somebody else does it for you.

2. Write clear and accurate job descriptions

Sometimes jobs morph, especially when you’re filling a role that hasn’t seen much turnover through the years. Read through the job descriptions your company has on file, then fill in the gaps, and make any important updates. Taking time to update key responsibilities will save you in the long-run by giving you candidates who understand the role they’re applying for.

3. Have an online application process

Not only do you need an online application system for employee recruiting, your system needs to be user-friendly, simple to complete, and mobile-friendly. Research indicates that more than 50% of job searches are conducted on mobile devices, meaning applying for your job opening may be overlooked if it’s not mobile-accessible.

4. Pay close to what competitors pay and have a competitive benefits package

All applicants have a pre-conceived notion of what they are worth. When job hunting, if the minimum salary amount doesn’t stack up with competitors, they’ll quickly move on from your job vacancy. From here, you must set your company apart from competitors with an attractive benefits package. If you’re a small business that thinks this is unattainable, think again.

5. Get great job candidates by capitalizing on employee referrals

According to a 2016 SHRM benchmarking survey, 80% of companies with fewer than 100 employees say employee referrals are their number one source of new hires. Although current employees are driven to want to work with people they like, they may need an incentive to bump recruiting to the forefront of their minds. If you already have an employee referral incentive but haven’t received many referrals, try doubling your current offering and see if gains traction.

6. Maintain positive relationships

This applies to employees who leave your company and to solid applicants who don’t get the job. When an employee leaves your organization for an outside opportunity, be courteous and encouraging – they may quickly learn the grass isn’t greener. And when only one position is available and you have to turn away other strong applicants, be sure to connect with them socially so that it’s easy to contact them if another job opening becomes available.

Making proactive adjustments to your recruiting process will help maintain the positive image you’d like to instill in your applicants’ minds. For more recruiting tips and ideas, please contact our HR experts at

Stacey Gibson, Director of Human Resources

Author Stacey Gibson, Director of Human Resources

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