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    Time to Post Your OSHA Summary (Feb 1 - Apr 30)

    If your company meets requirements, your 2023 OSHA Summary 300(A) needs to be posted for employees to see from Feb 1 through April 30.

    Can I Make Out-of-Pocket Payments for Worker Injuries?

    If I made out-of-pocket payments for my injured employee, would I save future workers’ compensation insurance costs? Are there any risks to doing...

    Combatting Prescription Drug Abuse at Work

    The workplace is experiencing a steady uptick in workers with a prescription drug addiction. What can (and should) employers do?

    Workplace Violence: How to Recognize and Reduce Risks

    Explore essential strategies to combat workplace violence. Learn to recognize the signs, understand its forms, and implement measures to protect your...

    Can I Refuse to Take a Drug Test at Work?

    When an employee is asked to take a drug test, whether it be for-cause or random, does the employee have the right to refuse?


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources