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    Minimum Wage Increases for 2022

    If you have employees that work in any of these states, you'll need to adjust your minimum wage rates and update your compliance posters.


    New Overtime Rule Compliance Strategies

    If you have exempt employees making less than $35,568, you'll need to implement 1 of these 4 overtime compliance strategies for each affected...

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    Charging Employees for Uniforms

    Are employers allowed to have employees pay for uniforms? Yes, but employers need to ensure employee wages never dip below minimum wage and...


    Unclaimed Paycheck – Fact Check

    Each year, millions of dollars in lost or unclaimed paychecks have left employers wondering what they can and cannot do. Here are the answers.


    Are Teachers Considered to be Exempt?

    With the new DOL ruling, do teachers have to earn the minimum salary amount of $913/week to be considered exempt from overtime? According to the...


    Why You Should be Paying a $70K Minimum Wage

    Does money make all the difference for employee morale? Here are three reasons of why a high minimum wage may be genius, and three reasons why it’s...

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