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    2024 Minimum Wage Rates by State

    Do you have employees working in any of these 26 states that have minimum wage rates increasing in 2024? Here’s what you need to know.

    Minimum Wage Increases for 2022

    If you have employees that work in any of these states, you'll need to adjust your minimum wage rates and update your compliance posters.

    Minimum Wage Increases for 2021

    Nearly half of all states are increasing their minimum wage rates for 2021. Is your state affected? See the complete list.

    Minimum Wage Increases – January 1, 2020

    While the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr still presides in 21 states, many states will have minimum wage rate increases in 2020.

    Minimum Wage Increases - July 1, 2019

    Minimum wage is increasing in several states and municipalities as of July 1, 2019. Will your employees be affected? Check the list.

    Minimum Wage Increases - January 1, 2019

    Along with 19 states, various cities and counties will see minimum wage increases in January, 2019. Employers should verify they're in compliance.

    The Ins and Outs of Paying Piece Rate

    Jobs with repetitive tasks can quickly seem mundane, so paying employees by piece rate can spark motivation - Complicated, but here is why...

    Minimum Wage Increases - July 1, 2017

    Although the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr has not changed since 2009, several states will see minimum wage increases as of July 1, 2017.

    Charging Employees for Uniforms

    Are employers allowed to have employees pay for uniforms? Yes, but employers need to ensure employee wages never dip below minimum wage and...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources