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    New Overtime Rule Compliance Strategies

    If you have exempt employees making less than $35,568, you'll need to implement 1 of these 4 overtime compliance strategies for each affected...


    Can an employee be forced to work overtime?

    My 19-year-old son was told that if he didn’t work 60 hours a week (working graveyards), he would be fired. Is mandatory overtime even legal?


    Minimum Wage Increases - January 1, 2019

    Along with 19 states, various cities and counties will see minimum wage increases in January, 2019. Employers should verify they're in compliance.


    Paying Nonexempt Employees When They Travel

    If an hourly employee is required to travel, there are several what-if questions you need to ask to determine how much of the travel time should be...

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    The Ins and Outs of Paying Piece Rate

    Jobs with repetitive tasks can quickly seem mundane, so paying employees by piece rate can spark motivation - Complicated, but here is why...


    Top 5 New-Age Rules of Paying Employees

    When determining how much to pay, creating policies about pay, or determining what and when to discuss pay in the application process, know these...

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