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    Top 5 Things to Know about the New W-4

    While the IRS says the new W-4 is supposed to be less complex, employees are going to need a bit of an explanation. Here it is in layman's terms.

    Employee Records Retention: What, Why, and How?

    Did you know you're required to document every employment action, from hiring to termination? Learn more tips for your employee records retention...

    The Ins and Outs of Paying Piece Rate

    Jobs with repetitive tasks can quickly seem mundane, so paying employees by piece rate can spark motivation - Complicated, but here is why...

    IRS Releases 2018 W-4 and Withholding Calculator

    Because of major changes to tax law, employees should ensure they have the proper amount of taxes being withheld and adjust their 2018 W-4...

    New Form I-9

    There's a new version of Form I-9 that employers can begin using immediately, even though it's not mandatory to make the switch until January 22,...

    Unclaimed Paycheck – Fact Check

    Each year, millions of dollars in lost or unclaimed paychecks have left employers wondering what they can and cannot do. Here are the answers.

    New Paycard Option

    Would your employees like to receive their paycheck directly deposited without having a bank account or credit check? Now they can with our paycard...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources