The Utah Legislature recently passed a bill that prohibits several functions of handheld devices while operating motor vehicles. The prohibited functions include writing, sending, or reading a written communication such as a text message, instant message, email, dialing a phone number, accessing the internet, watching videos, or entering in data into the device while driving. Penalties and convictions may be incurred for any violation of these acts.

Functions that are not prohibited include talking on the handheld device, viewing navigation apps, or any use for an emergency, such as reporting hazards or criminal activity. Hands-free technology is acceptable and voice-operated commands are permitted for any of the otherwise prohibited functions.

For any questions regarding this legislation, please contact us…unless, of course, you’re driving – for which you should ask Siri to contact us.

Brad Fagergren, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Author Brad Fagergren, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Brad has been a certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) since 2010. He services both local and multi-state client companies and is our in-house FMLA expert. Outside of work, you might spot Brad mentoring, chaperoning, watching, or participating in sports.

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