All of our tools are fully integrated with our HR technology suite.’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Human Resources Management System (HRMS) are streamlined into one robust system that intersects human resources management with information technology.

Our HRIS tracks statistics about employees from their payroll and benefits data that provides you with meaningful metrics. From these metrics, you can then develop human resources initiatives (such as performance improvement plans) and track those initiatives without getting bogged down with manual record keeping tactics.

For example, company-wide turnover may only be 8%, which seems great for your industry. However, our data breaks it down to show you that one department actually has 30% turnover, whereas every other department is less than 5%. What’s going on in this department? Is it a training issue? An employee issue? A manager issue? The statistics help you identify problems to help you dive in, solve the problem, track the initiatives, and ultimately reduce costly turnover.’s HRIS/HRMS provides you with critical data to help you make educated employment decisions, maintains important HR records, helps your employees be more productive and efficient, builds camaraderie, and keeps you organized. Scroll down for details or contact us today for more information.


Each user is only shown the resources for which they have been pre-configured with our HRIS/HRMS. While employees have full access to their personal info, benefits summary, and pay data, managers can:

  • Submit employee information changes
    • Pay amounts
    • Job titles
    • Employment status
    • HR issues and initiatives
      • Employee complaints
      • Disciplinary actions
      • Follow-up steps
      • Goals
      • Achievements
  • Retain an archived history of all changes to provide a digital paper trail
  • Use report templates or create customized reports

Leave Administration

Our HRIS/HRMS also supports multiple types of leaves of absence where it:

  • Tracks and reports leave taken with effective dates
  • Maintains leave of absence history
  • Notifies employees on leave about open enrollment

Employer Dashboards

Receive a quick visual representation of your company’s metrics without running a report, including:

  • Hiring and termination dates (broken down to see trends)
  • Payroll information (invoices, paid bonuses, deductions, PTO balances)
  • Benefits data (costs, enrollees in each benefit plan, utilization of gym incentive, etc)

Culture Board

With your own company culture board, employees can post any work-related item or event for all employees to see in an online forum. This feature reduces bandwidth from company-wide email threads, as well as enhances your company’s culture while employees collaborate and interact with each other to celebrate company wins, birthdays, work anniversaries, and so on.

Organization Chart

An organization chart, or org chart, is a visual map that helps you clarify employees’ roles and responsibilities under the hierarchical structure of your company. Our HRIS/HRMS system allows you to:

  • Map your employees by business units within organizational levels
  • Easily view relationships of positions within your company to see where employees fit
  • Transfer employees within or across organizational entities

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