Utah Executive Order: Mask Mandate & Signage

Per the Utah Executive Order, employers must implement an indefinite mask mandate and hang appropriate signage at their workplace.



On November 8, 2020, Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared a state of Emergency Executive order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Utah. While businesses can remain open, employers are required to enact a mask mandate and post signage.

What does Utah's Executive Order mean for businesses?

Per the mandate, all businesses in all Utah counties must:

  • Require employees and contractors to wear a face covering while at work.
  • Ask patrons to wear a face mask.
  • Require at least 6 feet of physical distance between household groups. For bars and restaurants, at least 6 feet of physical distance is required between parties. Bars must close by 10 p.m. until November 23, 2020.
  • Post signage that lists COVID-19 symptoms, asks individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to stay home, and provides notice of face mask and physical distancing requirements.

Companies that don’t comply with this mandate will be subject to fines.

Can employees remove their masks while at their desk?

Employees are allowed to remove their face mask when they "are the sole occupant of a room, cubicle, or similar enclosure." Please see other exceptions to removing face masks in section 3 of the Executive Order.

What are the full statewide COVID-19 restrictions?

Mask Mandate

Everyone, with the exception of children younger than 3 years old, must wear a mask in public and when within six feet of someone outside their household.

Social Gatherings Limitation

Casual, social gatherings are limited to only those you live with until November 23, 2020. Do not gather with people outside your household except for under educational or religious purposes that adhere to restrictions guidelines with an event host.

Extracurricular Activities on Hold

Most youth and high school extracurricular activities (anything before or after regular school hours) are on hold for the duration of the order.

Weekly College Student Testing

All public and private college and university students who live on campus or attend at least one in-person class must be tested for COVID-19 weekly.

Some people may have special events such as weddings planned during this time frame. While the order limits social gatherings with anyone outside your home, the mandate has included some exceptions if there is an event host and everyone in attendance wears a face mask and adheres to physical distancing requirements. Event hosts will be responsible for ensuring all restrictions are met.

While the executive order is set to expire November 23, 2020, the mask mandate and weekly college student testing will be extended until specified otherwise. For more information, please see the Utah State of Emergency FAQ sheet.

Please click, print and post these signs (or similar signage) at your Utah workplace.

           COVID-19_Wear_Mask_Sign  COVID-19_Symptoms_Sign  COVID-19_Symptoms_General_Sign

         COVID-19_Social_Distancing_Sign  COVID-19_Protecting_Employees_Customers_Sign

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