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    Should Managers Be Paid Overtime?

    Do your managers meet all the qualifications to be exempt from overtime? See where several large corporations went wrong.

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    What is Strategic HR?

    You may have heard the phrase “strategic HR,” but what exactly does it mean? Here's our answer for non-HR professionals to easily understand.

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    Expanding Business to a New State? HR Items to Consider

    When expanding your company to a new location, you will need to be familiar with these employment laws and HR regulations that vary from state to...

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    7 Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources to a PEO

    Outsourcing your administrative HR work won’t replace your job; it will allow you to focus on your employees. Here are the top benefits you’ll...

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    Workplace Culture: What’s the Big Deal?

    Boost the culture in your workplace. Discover here why your workplace culture is a huge deal.


    FLSA Penalties: Mistakes to Avoid

    FLSA penalties increase each year for violations of minimum wage, overtime, child labor, record keeping, employee classifications, and more.

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    Court Upholds OSHA Vaccine Mandate. Now What?

    The 6th District Court has reinstated the OSHA vaccine mandate after being temporarily halted. What does that mean for your company?

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