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    When Politics and Regulations Affect Small Business

    ...but as small business regulations change, staying on top of politics becomes a key concern. Fines for non-compliance can affect both startups and...


    Volatile Politics: What Business Owners Should Know

    The new administration has many issues to tackle that will directly affect many businesses owners. Whatever the changes may be, we do know this...


    ACA Shared Responsibility Payment – What Do I Do?

    I got a letter saying my employee may be eligible for an ACA government subsidy and that I may owe a shared responsibility payment.  What should I do?


    What’s Required in an ACA-Compliant Health Plan?

    How do you know if your health plan covers the essentials of Obamacare? As ACA-compliance penalties skyrocket, small and medium businesses need to …


    ACA Forms Due to Employees Jan. 31

    All applicable large employers should provide Form 1095-C to employees, but do your employees know about this form and what to do with it when it...


    ACA Paperwork Costing Small Businesses Thousands

    Per the ACA requirements, employers need to be able to track workers’ hours, the number of months an employee is covered by insurance, and the cost...

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