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    tax reform

    Tax Reform – What it Means for Employees

    With the late December tax reform bill, many employees are wondering how this will impact them in 2018. Here's a brief summary ...


    The Economic Impact of Obamacare

    When the media caught wind of the CBO's report findings, headlines spawned declaring Obamacare to be a job killer. But what is actually in the report?


    The ACA in 2014

    What to expect from the ACA in 2014: covering the individual mandate, pre-existing conditions, preventive services, and more...

    ACA 2013

    Healthcare Reform in the News

    Links to relevant news articles discussing the state of healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the politics surrounding it.


    Marketplaces Open October 1st

    Marketplace premium costs during the Summer of 2013, ACA will now only release the specifics of their costs when they open on October 1st.


    Employee Communications & Required Notices

    Under the new Health Reform law, employers are now required to provide certain notices to employees regarding changes and options for health...

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