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    Mobile Devices: Minimizing Overtime Concerns

    When employees can check into work 24/7 with their mobile devices, shouldn't employers be paying overtime for that remote work time?


    Child Labor Laws: What You Shouldn’t Overlook

    Before hiring a teenager, be sure you know which jobs they can do and what their applicable hour restrictions are to avoid being hit by a DOL penalty.

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    When Should Interns Be Paid?

    The DOL recently updated guidance on how to identify whether an internship truly qualifies to be unpaid. See if your position makes the cut.


    New Overtime Law Rejected

    The DOL's overtime law to bump an exempt employee's minimum salary to $47,476 was rejected in court. What this means for employers...


    DOL Overtime Rule On Hold for Now

    The DOL's new overtime rule that was set to take effect on December 1 has been postponed until a pending lawsuit is resolved.


    DOL Ends Telecommuting As We Know It

    The recent DOL ruling on overtime exemptions has many employers scratching their heads when they consider their telecommuting practices.

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