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    Top 25 Employment Laws All Managers Should Know

    What are the most important federal HR laws managers should know? Here’s our top 25, broken down by company size.

    Child Labor Laws: What Managers Should Know

    Is lack of manager training the root problem behind recent upticks in child labor violations? What we can learn from these infractions.

    FLSA Penalties: Mistakes to Avoid

    FLSA penalties increase each year for violations of minimum wage, overtime, child labor, record keeping, employee classifications, and more.

    Giving a 1099 to This Teenage Worker Was Illegal

    My niece’s employer took advantage of her by paying her as an independent contractor with a 1099 but insisted they did nothing wrong.

    Child Labor Laws: What You Shouldn’t Overlook

    Before hiring a teenager, be sure you know which jobs they can do and what their applicable hour restrictions are to avoid being hit by a DOL penalty.

    Hiring Teenagers Guidelines for Businesses

    Teens-at-work breaks down teen hiring guidelines and youth employment laws, including which jobs they can do, how many hours they can work...

    Child Labor Laws (Hiring Teens) - Q&A

    Here's a quick FAQ list that may answer some of your questions about Child Labor Laws.


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources