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    Interviewer Dos and Don’ts

    As the interviewer, you're tasked with a lot to ensure you stay compliant and that candidates walk away with a positive impression.


    7 Red Flags for Interviewers to Discern

    Can you identify which red flag for interviewers (typically from a candidate's resume or during the interviewing process) is problematic?

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    Conducting Virtual Interviews? 7 Tips for Success

    Need some tips to make your virtual interviews feel more effective? Here are a few adjustments to make and new questions to ask.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Reference Checks

    Whether you are the reference for a former employee or you need to conduct a reference check for a candidate, here is everything you need to know.


    When obesity discrimination is legal

    My friend didn't get hired and I think it's because he's obese. Is obesity discrimination (or any form of discrimination based on appearance) even...

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    Are You Asking Illegal Questions During an Interview?

    Did you know that making small talk with candidates during a job interview could lead to a discrimination lawsuit? What you learn could hurt you ...


    What to Do When an Applicant Lies on a Resume

    Alternative facts have infiltrated the hiring process, as more than 85% of employers report finding lies on a resume. By using strategies to spot...

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