Wrestling with the ACA

It’s been over five years since the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was signed into law and business owners and managers are still struggling with the heavy list of compliance requirements. “The ACA has made benefits much more complicated than they ever were before,” said Sally Roberts, Director of HR at Morris Communications Company, at a recent House subcommittee meeting. So…

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Unions Soon Coming to Small Businesses

Small companies don’t usually come to mind when you hear about employees wanting to unionize. In fact, most people associate unions with jobs in government, manufacturing, professional sports, or Hollywood. However, if you’re a small business owner, you need to be aware of the “Ambush Election Rule” that went into effect on April 14, 2015, which may boost union participation,…

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Three Easy Ways to Retain Great Employees

If retaining your top performers is a concern, you’re not alone. According to the 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report from PayScale, 63% of employers reported employee retention as their “top concern.” With an increasingly competitive talent market, the grass can easily look greener to even a slightly unsatisfied employee. So what options do companies have to help retain their key…

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ACA Paperwork Costing Small Businesses Thousands

If the cost of providing healthcare wasn’t enough, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance costs for small businesses now estimate around $15,000 a year. A recent AP report outlined the struggles many small businesses are having with the ACA’s requirements. Considering the additional hassle and exorbitant costs, it’s no wonder business owners are having a difficult time undertaking this new…

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