5 Mistakes of Dealing with Difficult Employees

You’ve heard the complaints about that “one employee” but you keep putting them off. After all, you’re a manager; you have higher priorities to take care of rather than dealing with difficult employees at work… right? Not according to Dr. David G. Javitch, organizational psychologist and leadership specialist. He says, “When dealing with problematic employees, productivity decreases, frustrations rise, morale…

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Where did all the good employees go?

During the economic downturn, you scaled back on hiring to keep your business afloat. Now that things have stabilized, you’re struggling to find quality employees to work for you. Unemployment is still relatively high, so why can’t you find talented applicants? Perhaps the question should be turned inward. Ask yourself the following questions to get a feel for how others…

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Ebola in the Workplace… What Would You Do?

If you work in the healthcare industry, chances are you recently went through or are scheduled to attend Ebola Prevention training. But should employees beyond the healthcare industry be concerned? With the recent outbreak in West Africa (and the largest Ebola outbreak in history), social media has been trending with both panic and rationale that has made employers of all…

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2015 FSA and HSA Open Enrollment

The month of November is Open Enrollment for the Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan (FSA), and electing contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA).  The effective date for the enrollment is January 1, 2015.  Open enrollment is the only time, barring qualified life events, when eligible, full-time employees can enroll in FSA benefits for the new calendar year.  Benefits include:…

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Employee Handbook: a Necessary Evil

Employee handbooks are not typically the favorite part of employment. Employees are usually required to read one when hired (or at least sign saying they acknowledge they’ve read it) because it’s a protection for employers. A good handbook becomes a resource to employees regarding the company’s mission, vision, benefits, policies and procedures, acceptable behavior, and so on. But it seems…

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