Promotion Deal-Breakers

Have you ever considered body piercings or bad breath to be deal-breakers when considering an employee for a promotion? Whether you recognize it or not, there are certain behaviors, appearances, and other social implications that prevent employees from being considered for a promotion. According to a recent survey by Career Builder, here are the top reasons employers may avoid giving…

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Independent Contractor: Redefined

It’s time to reevaluate (again) whether or not your independent contractors should be considered employees. The DOL recently tightened the definition of an independent contractor, focusing less on how much a business controls a person’s work and emphasizing more the economic dependence on the supposed employer and whether or not the worker is truly in business for him or herself….

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Supreme Court Upholds Tax Subsidies for ACA

The Supreme Court [recently] announced that it had ruled in favor of the Obama administration in the case called King v. Burwell. The Supreme Court’s decision (by a 6-3 vote, with Chief Justice Roberts writing the opinion) confirms that tax credits used to subsidize the cost of health insurance coverage for low-income individuals who purchase coverage will be available through…

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