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Colin Thompson, Vice President - Human Resources

Case Study: Healthcare Software Company, Utah

This growing healthcare software company located in Salt Lake County, Utah, provides patient flow solutions to hundreds of hospitals and medical centers. They contacted (known as that time as ISIhr) in 2012, looking for a better solution to manage payroll and HR. The payroll provider they were working with was difficult to get in touch with and didn’t provide…

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Where did all the good employees go?

During the economic downturn, you scaled back on hiring to keep your business afloat. Now that things have stabilized, you’re struggling to find quality employees to work for you. Unemployment is still relatively high, so why can’t you find talented applicants? Perhaps the question should be turned inward. Ask yourself the following questions to get a feel for how others…

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What does the Dickey’s BBQ Incident Teach Employers?

Thorough training is critical. That’s a rough takeaway for the management team of Dickey’s Barbeque. They recently made national headlines when a woman (who is still recovering) drank a cup of sweet tea laced with toxic acid in their South Jordan (Utah) location. According to the investigation, lye (a heavy-duty industrial cleaning solution) was unintentionally mixed into a bag of…

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