Stay Hydrated Outside and At Your Desk

You need water! Whether it’s hot outside or freezing cold at your desk, water is an essential component of how your body regulates its temperature. In the summer, water is even more important since you’re losing water through perspiration (read these tips on staying safe while working outside in the summer heat). Everyone, whether they work outside or in a climate-controlled facility, needs to continually replenish liquids to stay hydrated. As a bonus, people who are susceptible to seasonal allergies or have asthma may find added benefits from increasing their water intake, as well.

We know, drinking water isn’t nearly as fun as a slushie, milkshake or even an iced coffee, right? Here are some ideas to make getting enough of the right liquids easy.

  1. Cool water bottles! Our number one suggestion: give away great-looking water bottles. Think of these as must-haves for the workplace, something that can act as a reminder that it’s time to refill and keep drinking. Add company logos, employee nicknames, anything you’d like to make the bottles unique and valued — and used! You may also want to look for water bottles that show you how much you’ve had all day.
  2. Tea club. Anything with caffeine is dehydrating, but herbal teas are frequently produced from ingredients without caffeine. Our advice: give everyone a reason to switch from coffees and sodas during the summer and move to tea by starting a “club.” Feature a different selection of teas each day or week for people to sample. You can even invite employees to bring in healthy snacks, like cut up fruits and vegetables. You may also want to brew up big batches of herbal sun-teas and place them in the refrigerator. That way people will find something tasty and refreshing when they look in the fridge, not just an icy cold can of soda waiting for them to drink.
  3. Reminder: it’s time to take a sip. Create posters, emails and social media reminders to encourage everyone to take another sip of water. Include a list of drinks that help keep people hydrated and where they can find these in the office. You may even want to create a tracking sheet where people can check a box every time they’ve had another 8 ounces and add prizes or badges for people who meet their goal each day. It’s a great way for workers to stay aware of how much water they’re taking in.

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stay hydrated at work

Stay hydrated at work with these simple ideas that remind everyone to take a sip.

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