Making Time for Recreation

Summer is a time for recreation, but not everyone takes time to enjoy. Here are some tips to build in morale boosters that double as recreation for...



Summers are a time for recreation, but only if you get out and enjoy them. Did you know that recreation time can be more rejuvenating than a cup of caffeine?

This week, we’ve put together a few ideas on how to make sure everyone is getting out and enjoying the summer.

1. Take a hike.

Need a great morale booster for the workplace? If you’re lucky enough to live near some great trails, take a hike. Plan it as an afternoon event with the whole team and be sure it’s either not too strenuous (everyone should be able to join in) or that workers have the option to choose a trail that suits them. Head for the hills or mountains (if you can) to find cooler temperatures.

If leaving work to host the activity is out of the question, schedule at a time where employees can bring their families and make it into an event everyone will want to attend.

2. Or maybe a walk.

What if every day started with a morning walk? Even 15 minutes will help get energy flowing (who needs caffeine?) and put a rosy outlook on the day. If you’d prefer to make this a group activity, get organized by posting a meeting place and time, or, if pre-work doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule, set up an after-work meet up. It’s one of the benefits of summer’s early sunrise and late sunsets.

3. Exercise breaks.

Forget smoke and coffee breaks. For real relaxation, give everyone a good stretch with exercise breaks instead. Schedule 5- or 10-minute breaks each hour or two and provide guidance on which exercises to do.

You could send out short how-to video clips or even invite everyone to a central meeting area and lead these yourself. If you need ideas for exercises, look for simple online videos or consult with a local certified fitness expert who can customize plans for your entire team that fit your allotted time and workplace. For anyone who has a desk job, this is also an ideal way to remember to get up and move around on a regular basis.

For more health and wellness tips, please contact your certified HR expert. Not a current Stratus HR client? Book a free consultation and our team will contact you shortly!

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