Which PEO Is Right for Your Business? Ask These Questions

Not all Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are the same, so how do you know which is the right one for you? Ask these questions...



Not all Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are the same, so how do you know which is the right one for you?

Boss Magazine recently addressed the question and came up with several criteria to help you narrow down the list, such as breaking down how you’re billed, reviewing benefits packages, and learning company accreditations, among other things.

(Read the full article from Boss Magazine.)

We have a few other questions you should also ask when considering outsourcing to a PEO.

1. Does the PEO have dedicated representatives for each client account that you can talk to when you have questions or a problem?

The answer should be yes -- and these people should be experts in their field. When you need an answer, digging through a site's help section or waiting on hold for the next available representative just doesn't work.

Stratus HR has dedicated reps for each client company. This means clients receive service from the same client representative each time and are never sent to a phone tree.

2. Can you stop by and meet the PEO’s staff members?

Our belief is that human resources are best tackled by humans who understand the community they serve. You can find out for certain by stopping in to meet the entire team who will be working on your account.

Please stop in to meet our Stratus HR team anytime!

3. What is the PEO’s own turnover like?

It seems like a trick question because it turns the table on the PEO who will also be trying to keep YOUR turnover low. But you want to know that the people with your PEO aren't here today, gone tomorrow. You want to work with an HR organization that values its own staff as much as you value yours, and that it practices what it preaches.

On average, our Stratus HR representatives have been with the Company for 9 years, several for more than 20 years!

4. What kinds of technology does the PEO offer to your managers and employees?

In today’s workforce, employees want instant access to data and the ability to run reports in a self-service world. Make sure they’re empowered with technology offered by your PEO.

Stratus HR has developed custom-built software for all the HR tools you need to support your team. This includes applicant tracking, paperless onboarding, payroll management, benefits enrollment, HRIS/HRMS, Culture Board (internal social platform), customized reports, and so on!

5. What can the PEO do immediately to help address your HR concerns?

Ask specific questions about your HR issues to gain insight on how the PEO will service your account. Learn how the PEO plans to immediately step in and make your life as an employer easier.

From the get-go, Stratus HR provides competitive and affordable benefits, stress-free payroll and benefits administration, workers’ comp coverage and claims management, government compliance for reporting, claims, and audits, advanced HR technology, and an HR expert dedicated to your company.

Partnering with a PEO could be the smartest business decision you make this year. In fact, a NAPEO study found that small businesses that use a PEO grow faster, have lower rates of employee turnover, and higher rates of business survival than other comparable small businesses. Do your due diligence and you’ll find the right PEO fit for your company’s needs.

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