Company Culture: Tips for Boosting Employee Morale

Even workplaces with a strong company culture can use a boost in employee morale from time to time. With your budget in mind, here are some ideas...



Tips for Boosting Company Morale

Even workplaces with a strong company culture can use a boost in employee morale from time to time. But if company picnics aren’t your cup of tea, don’t panic. Although eating together does make a team more cohesive, it's not right for every employee. Thinking outside the box (and inside your budget), here are some ideas of how to help bring your work team together.


When it comes to employee morale, a little recognition can go a long way. And it doesn't have to be expensive!


  1. Make employee praise part of your company culture. 

    Send a personal email or even a company-wide (or department-wide, if a larger company) email that praises the employee’s efforts. You can even go a step further and write a personal thank-you card, acknowledging your appreciation for their great work. Create a corporate culture where employees look for the good in each other and create opportunities for them to brag about their coworkers.

  2. Allow employees to create committees to carry out a project. 

    Would you like to promote a healthier workplace? Could your company provide some type of a giving-back project to the community? Are there non-work functions or sports leagues your employees are interested in doing together? 

    Increase employee engagement by helping employees form committees, create projects, make a team, and work together to carry it out. The sense of ownership, involvement, and autonomy does amazing things for unity and employee morale. It’s also a great opportunity to create leaders within the company.

  3. Create flexible work arrangements. 

    Working remotely when work-life schedules are hectic is a great way to boost employee morale and foster a positive attitude about work. If remote arrangements aren’t possible, perhaps working flexible hours outside of the typical workday could be an alternative option. Let employees brainstorm ideas to find a win-win solution for their specific situation.

  4. Bring services onsite. 

    Employees’ lives are busy and can easily get out of balance. Consider having a dry-cleaning service come and pick up clothing items once a week for employees. (You could even see if they would be willing to provide discounted services to employees!) Have a massage therapist come for a few hours during the day to help relieve tension. Reward employees with an onsite car detailing service. 

    Partner with a restaurant to bring healthy meals once a week to your break room or even cart them around from office to office, allowing employees to purchase healthy food without having to leave their desk. 

    These simple services will be remembered as a thoughtful gesture that shows your company management understands employee stresses. They’ll also reflect highly on your company culture: imagine what employees say when they're discussing things they love about their jobs.

Want more ideas on how to motivate employees? Contact your certified HR expert for tips on improving employee engagement, building your corporate culture and boosting workplace morale. Not a current Stratus HR client? Book a free consultation and our team will contact you shortly.

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