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    All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Work with a PEO

    If working with a PEO is so great, why isn’t every small business using one? One word: reputation. Here are a few compelling arguments against them...

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    5 Questions to Ask before Outsourcing Your HR

    It's easier to choose the right company or PEO when you outsource HR for your business if you ask the right questions first, including where are ...

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    Want Success? 6 Strategies for Startup Growth

    Growth mode can be a challenge for startups, but adopting 6 simple strategies can help keep entrepreneurs and the entire company focused on success.

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    Hire a PEO to Create Lasting Success

    Startup companies: if you're overwhelmed by business growth, here are six simple strategies to help you break out of the pack and create lasting...

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    When Outsourcing Your Payroll Is a Bad Idea

    Outsourcing payroll is a great way to ease one of the big pains of running a business. But too often, small businesses are getting duped into using a...


    Case Study: Cardiology Practice, 25 employees, Utah

    Case study: by partnering with Stratus.hr, this client now has a team of dedicated HR professional to help them with their legal responsibilities...

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    Quiz: Knowing when to outsource

    Do you spend more hours in a day responding to employee questions and concerns than you do building your business? You may want to outsource...


    Case Study: Healthcare Software Company, Utah

    Case study: this company needed a provider that could not only handle payroll but also offer comprehensive HR support along with access to...

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