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    Top 5 HR Challenges in 2022

    Are you ahead or behind the curve with these HR challenges employers are facing in 2022? Here are some strategies to help keep you on top.

    referral program

    Should we offer an employee referral bonus?

    Offering an employee referral bonus makes recruiting so much easier -- but it could lead to a disproportionate number of homogenous employees.

    company data

    How do I calculate my turnover rate?

    Looking for a quick explanation of how to calculate your company's turnover rate? Here's the formula, along with an easy-to-understand example.


    Top 3 Actions Blue-Collar Employers Should Take ASAP

    Are you a blue-collar employer experiencing a shrinking workforce or lack of interest in your industry? Here are 3 ways to attract and retain workers.


    Can an employee be forced to work overtime?

    My 19-year-old son was told that if he didn’t work 60 hours a week (working graveyards), he would be fired. Is mandatory overtime even legal?


    Does the White House have an HR person?

    Every morning I listen to the news. And every morning I wonder why the White House doesn't have an HR team to prevent them from...

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