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    Perks for Remote Employees: The New Normal

    With many employees working remotely, what perks can you offer to motivate and engage them, and how do you provide the esssential human connections?


    Top 3 Actions Blue-Collar Employers Should Take ASAP

    Are you a blue-collar employer experiencing a shrinking workforce or lack of interest in your industry? Here are 3 ways to attract and retain workers.


    Gig Economy: Kicking Employer Concerns

    The gig economy seems to be taking over and you need to stay ahead of the curve. Have you lost employees to working gigs? Can you hire gig workers?

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    10 Reasons Your Employee Retention Rate is High

    Companies with a high employee retention rate often have policies and practices that help retain workers, even when the industry lags.


    Onboarding Reduces New Employee Turnover

    Nearly 20% of turnover happens within the first 45 days. Set the stage for success by creating a positive onboarding experience with these 9 easy...


    How to Predict Employees Who Will Quit

    If you knew there was a formula that could predict up to 80% accuracy that one of your top employees was about to quit, would you pay attention?

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