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    What is “open enrollment”?

    People keep throwing out the term "open enrollment" -- while I'm pretty sure it has to do with benefits, what all does it encompass?

    2020 FSA and HSA Contribution Limits

    The health FSA and HSA contribution limits increased once again for 2020, allowing you to save more pretax dollars for qualifying medical expenses.

    2018 FSA and HSA Contribution Limits

    The IRS has announced the 2018 contribution limits for FSA and HSA participants. For individuals, the 2018 maximum contribution amount is ...

    HSA – Just for Open Enrollment?

    Unlike the rules that govern FSAs, HSAs are quite different, including the ability to change contribution amounts outside of open enrollment.

    FSA Open Enrollment: Nov 16-Dec 16 (2016)

    Open enrollment is the only time, barring qualified life events, when eligible, full-time employees can enroll in FSA for the new calendar year.

    2015 FSA and HSA Open Enrollment

    Get details on the 2015 Open Enrollment for FSA and HSA. Learn about benefits, IRS changes, and how to participate. Enroll by November 30th.


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources